Graduate Programs

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Chemistry offers master's and doctor of philosophy degree in chemistry.

Independent research is a primary focus of our graduate programs. Faculty members in chemistry share passion for a rich training for molecular understanding for chemical and scientific questions. Department and UNIST provide stimulating research environments with a plenty of chances for interdisciplinary research and collaboration within UNIST and also with domestic and international researcher.


The department of Chemistry offers master's and PhD degrees in chemistry. We admit students with a proven record of classroom and laboratory training in chemistry and related subjects such as biological science and engineering. We expect students to have a strong background in chemistry, which can be supported by their average GPA or other proofs. Communication skills are also important. For admission, applicants must pass the interview session, which will be offered to successful students in first round selection process.

Students must provide their English proficiency test (TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS).

Admission for a MS degree will be offered to a limited number of applicants.

For 2015 class, application deadline is Oct 26, 2014. We announce admission in Jan. For application, use our on-line application system (

UNIST meets the financial needs of its graduate students through UNIST fellowships, teaching assistantship, research assistantship, and government/independent outside fellowships. Financial support is awarded on a 12-month basis, enabling students to pursue research throughout the year. Tuition and stipend is guaranteed to all graduate students whose academic standing and research work is satisfactory.

Program Requirements

Continuation in a PhD program requires the following:
1. Satisfactory completion of required coursework. Students must earn an average of A grade for chemistry core courses (2 courses) in the first year. An average of B or higher must be maintained throughout the coursework period.
2. Students must pass a qualifying exam for continuation within first two years. Qualifying exams will be held by faculty members in study division (currently, organic, inorganic, physical, materials, and polymers).
3. Students must give at least two presentation in the Student Seminar Series in three years. The presentation will be evaluated in pass/fail basis by faculty members.
4. Successful presentation and defense of a research proposal in accordance with policy set by the Graduate committee.


Students must teach undergraduate lab classes or discussion classes for at least two semesters.


The preparation of a satisfactory dissertation normally requires at least four years of full-time research. All students are expected to provide a public presentation of their PhD research as part of their program requirements. The dissertation defense will be comprised of two parts:

1. a public presentation of the student's PhD research to which members of the departments will be invited.
2. the private PhD dissertation defense before the Thesis Defense Committee.