Undergraduate Programs in Chemistry

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UNIST establishes unique undergraduate degree programs. All students choose two study topics (primary and secondary major) throughout their college years. All freshmen learn the basics of sciences and mathematics without deciding their majors. At the beginning of second year, students decide their majors. This unique system is to promote creative thinkings and broad experience in related topics with a strong emphasis on the solid and cutting-edge knowledge on the primary study topics. Chemistry offers both the primary major and secondary major in chemistry.

Admissions and Enrollment

Information about UNIST admissions can be obtained from Admissions office at UNIST.
Enrollment in a primary major program in chemistry is based on students' decision. Currently, Chemistry has no student limit on enrollment. Prerequisites for enrollment as a chemistry student is the average grade higher than B in freshmen science courses. Chemistry does not require any condition about students' choice of second major. Chemistry endows Bachelor of Science degree for primary major students.

Primary Major in Chemistry

For chemistry major, students must take 48 university credits or more in chemistry. 48+ credits consist of 28 essential chemistry credits and 20 or more selective courses provided by chemistry. Students also fulfill their internship program and 4th year research program (currently, CHM490 Interdisciplinary Project). Chemistry also provides 400 and 500 level courses for senior students. Students can take these advanced level courses as their university credits as well as graduate credits in advance of entering graduate school (6 credits maximum). 300 level experimental courses offer advanced level lab experience in the fields of students choice.

Essential Courses

CHM211 Organic Chemistry 1
CHM291 Analytical Chemistry
CHM231 Physical Chemistry 1
CHM212 Organic Chemistry 2
CHM232 Physical Chemistry 2
CHM351 Inorganic Chemistry 1
CHM391 Instrumental Analysis
CHM321 Biochemistry 1
CHM201 Organic Chemistry Lab
CHM202 Physical/Analytical Chemistry Lab

For selective courses, see Courses. Chemistry uses English for all classes.

Secondary Major in Chemistry

All students in other fields of majors can take chemistry as their secondary major. Management students must fulfill prerequisites (general chemistry 1 and 2 and lab sessions) for taking chemistry as secondary major. Minimum requirements are 18 chemistry credits (12 essential courses).