Choe, Won-Young

Choe, Won-Young

Choe, Won-Young 최원영
Associate Professor
Inorganic Chemistry

Global sustainability is a daunting challenge for people living in new millennium. To contribute to such a global issue, we, as synthetic chemists, develop new inorganic-organic hybrid materials for energy applications. These materials are based on porous metal-organic frameworks, emerging as a new class of hybrid materials, potentially useful in many applications ranging from CO2 storage and utilization, sensors, to catalysis. Choe group focuses on multi-functional metal-organic frameworks, assembled from bio-macrocycles called porphyrins, achieve tailor-made solids for the desired functions.
Research Summary
One of the fastest growing areas in sustainable materials chemistry is metal-organic frameworks, emerging as a new class of inorganic-organic hybrid materials.We focus on porphyrin-based metal-organic frameworks with nanopores.These porphyrin-based materials will provide important chemical understanding in areas such as gas storage, heterogeneous catalysis, and chemical sensors. Currently, the group is working on physical characterization of these porphyrinic metal-organic frameworks, and the topological design of new ones.

Representative Publications
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