A new approach to decipher the secret of Alzheimer: Prof. Mi Hee Lim's research was highlighted by ChemComm

Prof. Byeong-Su Kim won 2014 Wiley-PSK Young Scientist Award.

Prof. Byeong-Su Kim of Chemistry, UNIST won a “2014 Young ScientistDepartment of Chemistry, UNIST won a “2014 Young Scientist Award” from Polymer Society of Korea (PSK) for his contribution to the study of complex macromolecular systems, including carbon- and polymer-based hybrid nanomaterials for energy and biomedical applications.

Wiley-PSK Young Scientist Award is awarded to encourage young scientists at the early stage of their career toward challenging researches. The award is supported by John Wiley & Sons and the awardees are selected by Polymer Society of Korea. The award ceremony was held on April 10 at the annual conference of Polymer Society of Korea.


Since he started for his new post as a as assistant professor at UNIST, he has focused on the researches of the electrochemical catalysts using graphene, Layer by Layer (LbL) method-based fabrication of device, block copolymer-based nanomaterial syntheses and functionalized polymers for drug delivery. Moreover, he has recently developed metal nanoparticles-decorated carbon nanodots to enhance the performance in photovoltaic device. He will concentrate on the researches on the basis of carbon nanomaterials and polymer and intend these works to be applied in a variety of fields.

Prof. Rodney S. Ruoff joins chemistry as a UNIST distinguished professor of chemistry and nanomaterials

Chem grad student won a Dalton Transactions Poster Prize


UNIST Chem graduate student won a Dalton Transactions Poster Prize, awarded by Royal Society of Chemistry, at 4th Asian Conference on Coordination Chemistry. This biennial international conference, held in Jeju, Korea, 4-7 Nov. this year, was a sequel of very successful previous acts held in Okasaki (Japan, 2007), Nanjing (China, 2009), and New Deli (India, 2011). In the conference, Kyung Joo Lee (2nd year student in Moon’s Group) presented the results about “Nanoporous Metal Oxides with Tunable and Nanocrystalline Frameworks via Conversion of Metal-Organic Frameworks.”, which led her to the honor. The part of this work was published in JACS earlier this year (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2013, 135, 8940.)