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Research Facilities

UNIST and Chemistry Department boast a collection of most advanced instruments for chemical research. The research facilities consists of Magnetic Resonance Lab, Mass Spectrometry Lab, Chemical Analysis Lab, X-ray Lab, Thermal Analysis Lab, and Imaging Facilities. UNIST Central Research Facility (UCRF) will provide access to clean room facility.

Magnetic Resonance Lab.

Magnetic Resonance Lab. currently provide NMR facilities (Varian 600MHz and Agilent 400MHz) for both solution and solid samples. MRL will have a new EPR equipment and two 500 MHz NMR in 2014.

Mass Spectrometry Lab.

Mass Spectrometry Lab. provide mass spectrometers (LC-MS, GC-MS, ESI Mass, MALDI-TOF Mass, High Resolution Mass). Mass lab also will be expanded significantly as the lab acquires new instruments for HRMS and LC-Mass, and TOF Masses.

Chemical Analysis Lab.

Basic spectrophotometers (UV-Vis, UV-Vis-Near IR, IR Microscopy, Spectrofluorometer, Ellipsometry, NSOM, CD spectrometer, Light Scatterings, Zeta-Potential meter, HPLC/GPCs, Elemental Analysis, etc) can be accessed 24 h basis.

X-ray Lab.

Three powder diffractometers and Single-crystal diffractometers are provided. X-ray lab. also host a lab (a multi-purpose synchrotron line) dedicated for UNIST at Pohang Acceleration Lab. in Pohang, Korea.

Imaging Facilities

UNIST has an impressive collection of microscopes. UNIST-Olympus Bioimaging Center (UOBC) holds state-of-the art optical and fluorescence microscopes for bioimaging. Imaging facilities also include advanced TEMs and SEMs including cryo-TEM and Ultrahigh resolution TEM (Titan, FEI).