Lah, Myung Soo

Lah, Myung Soo

Lah, Myung Soo 나명수
Inorganic Chemistry

Myoung Soo Lah attended Seoul National University, Korea, for his BSc and MSc and earned his PhD in chemistry from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 1991. After his postdoctoral research in macromolecular crystallography from the same university, he became a faculty member of the department of chemistry, Hanyang University in 1992 and then moved to Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in 2010, where he is presently a professor of department of chemistry. He is interested in the development of metal–organic systems such as metal-organic polyhedra and metal-organic frameworks for the applications in the areas of storage of energy materials, capture/separation of carbon dioxide, and catalytic removal of harmful industrial materials.
Research Summary
Crystal Engineering
- Design of coordination networks using a node and linker approach
- Design of coordination networks based on net topology
- Design of coordination networks using a supramolecular building block approach
- Postsynthetic modification of metal-organic frameworks

Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)
- MOF design based on metal-organic macrocycles and metal-organic polyhedra as supramolecular building blocks
- Carbon dioxide capture and separation using MOFs
- Hydrogen and methane storage using MOFs
- Capture and catalytic removal of harmful industrial materials using MOFs

Supramolecular coordination chemistry: self-assembly of nano-sized metal-organic clusters
- Syntheses of metal-organic macrocycles using multidentate ditopic linker ligands: the control of the stereochemistry, the nuclearity and size of the metallamacrocycles
- Syntheses of metal-organic polyhedra using a face- or edge-directed corner linkage strategy

- 매듭(node)과 연결(linker) 접근방식을 이용한 배위 네트워크의 디자인
- 망 위상(net topology) 접근방식을 이용한 배위 네트워크의 디자인
- 초분자 조립단위체를 이용한 배위 네트워크의 디자인
- 후합성 변환법을 이용한 금속-유기 골격체의 제조

금속-유기 골격체 (MOFs)
- 금속-유기 거대고리와 금속-유기 다면체를 초분자조립단위체로 사용하는 금속-유기 골격체의 디자인
- 금속-유기 골격체을 이용한 이산화탄소의 포획 및 분리
- 금속-유기 골격체을 이용한 수소 및 메탄의 저장
- 금속-유기 골격체을 이용한 유해화합물의 포획 및 촉매반응을 통한 제거

초분자 배위화학: 나노크기의 금속-유기 크러스터의 자기조립
- 다배위 2-자리 연결 리간드를 이용한 금속-유기 거대고리 화합물의 합성: 거대고리 화합물의 입체성, 다핵성 및 크기의 조절
- 면-기반 혹은 모서리-기반 꼭지점 연결 전략을 이용한 금속-유기 다면체의 제조

Representative Publications
Single Crystalline Hollow Metal-Organic Frameworks via a Metal-Organic Polyhedron Single Crystal as a Sacrificial Template
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Vincent Guillerm, Dongwook Kim, Xinfang Liu, Karim Adil, Ryan Luebke, Jarrod F. Eubank, Myoung Soo Lah* and Mohamed Eddaoudi*
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Chem. Soc. Rev., 2014, 43, 6141.

Xiaokai Song, Tae Kyung Kim, Hyehyun Kim, Dongwook Kim, Seok Jeong, Hoi Ri Moon, Myoung Soo Lah*
"Post-synthetic Modifications of Framework Metal Ions in Isostructural Metal–organic Frameworks: Core-shell Heterostructures via Selective Transmetalations"
Chem. Mater. 2012, 24, 3065.

Jae-min Suk, Veluru Ramesh Naidu, Xinfang Liu, Myoung Soo Lah* and Kyu-Sung Jeong*
"A Foldamer-Based Chiroptical Molecular Switch That Displays the Complete Inversion of the Helical Sense upon Anion Binding"
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 13938.

Rohith P. John, Mira Park, Dohyun Moon, Kyungjin Lee, Seunghee Hong, Yang Zou, Chang Seop Hong and Myoung Soo Lah*
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J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2007, 129, 14142.

Dohyun Moon, Sangmi Kang, Jaejoon Park, Kyungjae Lee, Rohith P. John, Hosik Won, Gi Hun Seong, Yang Sun Kim, Ghyung Hwa Kim, Hakjune Rhee and Myoung Soo Lah*
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