Living at UNIST and in Ulsan

Living at UNIST and in Ulsan
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Living in Ulsan

We are located in Ulsan, a cosmopolitan city with a population of 1 million people.
The area has the largest GDP per capita in South Korea and invests heavily in education. Mountains protect it from the environmental air issues faced by the larger metropolitan areas to the west of the country. Located in the south-east of Korea, its air is clean and fresh.


Ulsan has a monsoon-influenced subtropical climate, with somewhat cold but dry winters, and hot, humid summers. Monthly means range from 2 °C in January to 26 °C in August, with diurnal temperature ranges generally low. Its location on the Korean peninsula results in a seasonal lag, with the warmest days being in August and averaging very near 30 °C. Precipitation is relatively low in the winter months, but is made up by the high rainfall falling from April to September.



The public transportation system is as good as any other major Korean city. The bus system shows a particular ETA at most bus stops. Ulsan Airport has more than 20 flights per day to and from Seoul’s Gimpo International Airport and 4 flights per week to and from Jeju International Airport. Korea’s high-speed train network, KTX, provides a high-speed link to Seoul, with a running time of just over 2 hours. The new KTX station (Ulsan Station) is in nearby Eonyang, with a series of express buses (5001-5004) as well as some city buses serving the new station.


Tourist Attraction

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Living at UNIST

UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology), is a national research university.  Founded in 2007, it presently has 277 faculty and is growing rapidly. The faculty, nearly all of them with Ph.D. and/or postdoctoral training in the U.S. or Europe, are international in outlook. All graduate and undergraduate classes are taught in English. The experimental, computational, and biological facilities of UNIST are world-class.

UNIST stands at the center of global research with its cutting edge experimental equipment. UCRF carries over 200 pieces of high-tech research equipment to support the research efforts of investigators and groups. With its world class laboratory, UNIST’s research facilities became the envy of many scientists and researchers around the world.
For further information and helpful links: (UNIST), (UNIST Central Research Facility)

The campus is located in the foothills of wooded mountains with hiking, camping and skiing. The ocean is close by. To find how to get to UNIST, click here. UNIST dormitory is located in the cozy forest having lots of advanced facilities. Dormitory is apartment-style with separate heating system and air conditioners. In addition, there are laundry rooms, cafeteria, convenience store, study room, etc. UNIST dormitory was established to create an academic atmosphere through the provision of living convenience, and to build healthy character through an orderly communal living.