Materials/Polymer Chemistry

Materials/Polymer Chemistry

Division of Materials/Polymer Chemistry at UNIST focuses on interdisciplinary chemistry for novel materials and their applications. The faculty members in this division mainly pursue a wide range of chemistry-related researches including nanomaterials, catalysts, functional polymer, 2D materials, organic soft electronic materials, and their advanced applications. Researches include not only the development of new materials but the investigation of their chemical, physical, electrical, and mechanical properties for various practical applications. Further details of research groups are listed below:

Joo, Sang Hoon – Advancing renewable energy conversion chemistry with nanostructured catalysts

Kim, BongSoo – Design and synthesis of novel polymer/organic semiconducting materials for electronic devices.

Shin, Hyeon-Suk – Synthesis and application of various 2D nanomaterials

Sim, Kyoseung – Organic semiconductor based fully soft electronic devices and system