UNIST Faculty Named Among Korea’s Top Young Scientists (Professor Mi Hee Lim)

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UNIST Faculty Named Among Korea’s Top Young Scientists Prof. Jang Hyun Choi of Life Sciences and Prof. Mi Hee Lim of Natural Science listed in \"30 Young Scientists of Korea\".

Two UNIST professors have distinguished themselves with inclusion in the list of “30 Young Scientists of Korea” to lead basic science research for the next 30 years

The nation’s top scientist listing by POSTECH and Dona-A Daily News recognizes leading researchers in five fields of the basic sciences, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, life sciences, and astronomy throughout the nation. Thirty scientists made it on to the list, including Professor Mi Hee Lim of Natural Science and Professor Jang Hyun Choi of Life Sciences.


Professor Mi Hee Lim’s work has appeared in many top scientific journals, including Nature Magazine and Chemical Communications. Moreover, in recent years, she has also developed a new chemical approach to help advance Alzheimer’s treatmemt and for this research finding, she was selected as one of ‘2014 Emerging Investigators’ by Royal Society of Chemistry(RSC).

In addition to being a world-leading dementia expert, Professor Lim was also selected to receive the KCS-Wiley Young Scientist Award by Korean Chemical Society in 2015 and named Royal Society of Chemistry Fellow in 2016. She is also a Member of Chem’s distinguished Advisory Editorial Board, contributing to the development of chemistry.


Professor Jang Hyun Choi in the School of Life Science at UNIST is currently working on molecular mechanism of obesity and diabetes. Professor Choi has recently been credited with the pioneering discovery of type 2 diabetes treatment. He has also published numerous articles on metabolic diseases, including conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

This award recognizes him for his recent article, published in the Journal Gene and Development in 2014. The article talks about the discovery of a key protein that controls a gene that leads to diabetes. The results of the study has been evaluated as a method to produce a potential new target for treating all forms of diabetes. He is also a Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Diabetes Research, continuously carrying on his research on diabetes.

The award ceremony for “30 Young Scientists of Korea” to Lead Basic Science Research for the Next 30 Years took place at POSTECH on November 30, 2016.

Dec 02, 2016 Joo Hyeon Heo  (Public Relations Team)


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