UNIST Students Honored with 2018 Asan Foundation Scholarship

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Four UNIST graduate students were recognized with the 2018 Asan Foundation Medical Bioscience Scholarship.

Four UNIST graduate students have been awarded the prestigious 2018 Asan Foundation Medical Bioscience Scholarship, an annual award given to the nation’s top graduate students in medical bioscience.

The Asan Foundation Medical Bioscience Scholarship is a new support program, established in 2017 by the Asan Foundation in 2017. The scholarship is designed to nurture excellent human resources to lead the medical bioscience field of Korea. It offers students a range of financial assistance and encourages a culture of sharing in these challenging economic times.Asan 2
This year, a total of 17 graduate students, including JungSeung Nam (School of Natural Science), JongBo Lee (School of Life Sciences), HanSol Lee (School of Life Sciences), JuMi Park (School of Life Sciences) were recognized for their scholastic achievements and university accomplishments. The recipients were presented with scholarship certificates at the ceremony, which took place in Asan Medical Center on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. Each of these recipients will receive up to 20 million KRW in funding per year.
Asan Foundation chairman, Chung Mong-joon is delievering a congratulatory speech at the award ceremony.
Meanwhile, the Asan scholarship award has been in continuous operation since the Asan Foundation was established in 1977 and has provided scholarship funds totaling 64 billion KRW to over 32,000 students to date. It is awarded based on the strength of candidates’ academic performance, leadership excellence, and demonstrated passion for their respective field of study.

The 2018 Asan Foundation Medical Bioscience Scholarship Honorees

JungSeung Nam (School of Natural Science)
JongBo Lee (School of Life Sciences)
HanSol Lee (School of Life Sciences)
JuMi Park (School of Life Sciences)

Mar 02, 2018Joo Hyeon Heo Public Relations Team






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