UNIST Students Receive 2017 Samsung HumanTech Paper Awards

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UNIST Students Receive 2017 Samsung HumanTech Paper Awards Dongsik Nam (Advisor: Prof. Wonyoung Choe) win prizes at the 23rd Samsung HumanTech Paper Awards.

Eleven UNIST students have been recognized for their excellence in academic and research work at the 23rd Annual International Samsung Human-Tech Paper Awards, held on February 7, 2017.

Established in 1994, this competition recognizes an elite cadre of creative young researchers who through competition have demonstrated excellence in research. Approximately 1,500 papers are submitted each year, yet only a small percentage of papers are selected for the prestigious prize.

Among the many eminent individuals, the following students won prestige for their latest research in their respective fields, listed below.

dongsik nam

Narendra Chaudhary, a PhD student of Life Sciences at UNIST, is one of the only two international students in South Korea to receive the award. He is currently developing visualization techniques for arrangement and interactions of specific gene loci in living cells.

“It is a great honor to be given this exceptional award,” says Narendra. “Through direct observation of the 3D structural changes in the human genome, I would like to provide new perspectives on existing genomic research.”

“Nothing is more rewarding to me as a teacher than seeing my students succeed,” says Professor Hajin Kim. “Chaudhary is a dilligent student, capable of conducting research on the topic of self-selection and I am very proud of him.”

The award ceremony for the 2017 Samsung HumanTech Paper Awards took place in the fifth floor meeting room of Samsung Electronics, Seocho Discrict, Seoul on February 7, 2017. In this year, out of 1,500 excellent papers considered from high schools and universities, only 116 papers (79 from universities and 27 from highschools) were selected to receive the awards.

Feb 08, 2017 Joo Hyeon Heo (Public Relations Team)


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