Ruoff, Rodney S

Ruoff, Rodney S

Ruoff, Rodney S
IBS Director, Distinguished Professor
Chemical Physics

Novel Carbon and Related Materials, and their chemical, physical, biological, and other, properties; nanoscience and nanotechnology.
새로운 탄소기반, 탄소관련 재료 및 화학적, 물리적, 생물적 특성; 나노과학, 나노기술.
Research Summary
The Ruoff group makes new carbon and related molecules and materials through a variety of methods including (i) synthetic chemistry (organic, inorganic, polymer, and others), (ii) by chemical vapor deposition, by diffusion couple experiments, and others, (iii) through exfoliation and assembly of, for example, 2D platelets from layered materials, (iv) by making new types of carbon fibers and fibers of related materials, (v) by ‘3D manufacturing’, and (vi) other methods as they occur to us. We want to understand the mechanisms of formation of such molecules and materials, including the kinetics and thermodynamics underlying their formation. In addition, we aim to understand the detailed chemical bonding configurations present in such new materials through their atomic scale structural characterization. When there are opportunities to “translate” our fundamental research into applications, we avidly collaborate with colleagues who are experts in those applications areas. Our group’s research is typically closely linked to research underway in the CMCM IBS Center located on the UNIST campus. The IBS Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials (CMCM) supports a talented international team of highly collaborative researchers that design, synthesize, and study new forms of carbon and related materials, which may have exceptional chemical, physical, and biological properties. Members and visitors enjoy an intellectually stimulating environment in the CMCM that fosters dynamic exchange within the center and abroad through its extensive, international network of research institutions and programs.

Ruoff 그룹은 (i) 화학합성 (유기, 무기, 고분자 등), (ii) 화학증착법 및 확산 커플법 등, (iii) 다층재로부터 2D platelets의 박리 및 조립, (iv) 새로운 탄소섬유 및 탄소관련 재료 섬유, (v) ‘3D manufacturing’, (vi) 기타 합성 방법으로 새로운 탄소 및 탄소관련 재료를 개발한다. 본 연구그룹은 동역학적, 열역학적 방법을 이용하여 이러한 분자와 재료의 형성 메커니즘을 이해하고자 하며, 원자 수준의 구조 분석을 통한 이러한 신소재의 상세한 화학 결합 구성을 밝히고자 한다. 또한 응용분야에 전문성을 두고 있는 타 연구기관과의 활발한 공동연구을 통해 기초과학연구의 응용에도 힘을 쓰고 있다. 본 연구그룹은 유니스트 캠퍼스에 자리를 잡고 있는 기초과학연구원 (IBS) 다차원 탄소재료 연구단 (CMCM)과 밀접한 연구교류를 맺고 있으며, IBS CMCM은 새로운 탄소기반 재료의 디자인, 합성 및 특성 분석 연구를 하는 세계적인 연구인재를 양성하는데 힘을 쓴다. 연구원과 방문연구진은 CMCM의 활발하고 광범위한 네트워크를 통한 연구활동을 누리며 혁신적인 연구를 수행한다.

Representative Publications
Hao, Yufeng; Bharathi, M. S.; Wang, Lei; Liu,Yuanyue; Chen, Hua; Nie, Shu; Wang, Xiaohan; Chou, Harry; Tan, Cheng; Fallahazad, Babak; Ramanarayan, H.; Magnuson, Carl W.; Tutuc, Emanuel; Yakobson, Boris I.; McCarty, Kevin F.; Zhang,Yong-Wei; Kim, Philip; Hone, James; Colombo, Luigi; Ruoff, Rodney S.;
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Murali, Shanthi; Quarles, Neil; Zhang, Li Li; Potts, Jeffrey R.; Tan, Ziqi; Lu, Yalin; Ruoff, Rodney S.
Volumetric capacitance of compressed activated microwave-expanded graphite oxide (a-MEGO) electrodes.
Nano Energy (2013), 2, 764-768

Ruoff, Rodney S. Personal perspectives on graphene: New graphene-related materials on the horizon.
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Editor: Gopal Rao; Guest Editors for this special issue: Weijie Lu, Patrick Soukiassian and John Boeckle, 37, 1314-1318

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