Zhao, Bum Suk

Zhao, Bum Suk

Zhao, Bum Suk 조범석
Assistant Professor
Physical Chemistry

Bum Suk Zhao received his Ph.D. Degree in Chemistry from Seoul National University. Aiming at development of a new separation technique, together with other coworkers, he investigated the interaction between molecules and nonresonant laser fields and applied it to molecular separation. After he had moved to Fritz Haber Institute of Max Planck Society, Zhao worked on establishing grazing incidence atom optics based on quantum reflection of thermal energy helium atom beam. He observed emerging beam resonance in atom optics, which completed the analogy between atom optics and optics in Wood anomalies, and reflection of fragile helium dimers from a grating surface. In 2012 he became an assistant professor at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology. Here, he is developing a novel method to separate a quantum state by using various fields. He also continues the research on grazing incidence atom optics in collaboration with Dr. Wieland Schöllkopf at the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin.
Research Summary
In addition to the great impact on the progress of quantum mechanics at its early stage, the Stern-Gerlach experiment, the study on interaction of atoms with magnetic field, has lead to the invention of nuclear magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging. As this classical example, the investigation of particle-field interaction has been beneficial to whole science area. The Main topic of our group is experimental research and application of molecular interaction with various fields, such as nonresonant laser field and its combination with static electric field. The state-dependent force imparted by the molecule-field interaction is exploited to spatially separate stereoisomers and their quantum states. Beside, in collaboration with the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin, grazing incidence atom optics is investigated.

초기 단계의 양자역학의 발전에 미친 크나큰 효과를 준 것뿐만 아니라, Stern-Garlach의 원자와 자기장 간 상호작용에 대한 연구는 NMR(nuclear magnetic resonance)과 MRI(magnetic resonance imaging)의 개발의 초석이 되었습니다. 이러한 전형적인 예에서 처럼 입자와 장 사이 상호작용에 관한 연구는 전반적인 과학 분야에서 매우 활발하게 이루어져 왔습니다. 저희 연구그룹에서는 비공명 레이저장, 또는 그와 정전기장과의 조합과 같이 다양한 장과 분자 사이의 상호작용을 실험적으로 연구하고 그 결과를 분자 분리 등에 응용하려 하고 있습니다. 분자와 여러 가지 장 사이의 상호작용에서 생기는 상태에 따라 달라지는 힘은 입체이성질체 분리나 그들의 양자상태를 공간 상에서 선택하는데 활용될 것입니다. 이 외에도 스침 입사 원자광학에 대한 연구가 베를린에 있는 Fritz Haber 연구소와의 공동연구를 통하여 진행되고 있습니다.

Representative Publications
“Universal diffraction of atoms and molecules from a quantum reflection grating”,
Bum Suk Zhao*, Weiqing Zhang, and Wieland Schöllkopf*, Sci. Adv. 2, e150901 (2016).

“Rotational-state-dependent dispersion of molecules by pulsed optical standing waves”,
Xing Nan Sun#, Lee Yeong Kim#, Bum Suk Zhao*, and Doo Soo Chung*,Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 223001 (2015).

“Molecules star in quantum movie”,
Bum Suk Zhao* and Wieland Schöllkopf*, Nat. Nanotechnol. 7, 277 (2012).

“Quantum reflection of He2 several nanometers above a grating surface”,
Bum Suk Zhao*, Gerard Meijer, and Wieland Schöllkopf, Science, 331, 892 (2011).

“Coherent reflection of He atom beams from rough surfaces at grazing incidence”,
Bum Suk Zhao*, H. Christian Schewe, Gerard Meijer and Wieland Schöllkopf*, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 133203 (2010).

“Emerging beam resonances in atom diffraction from a reflection grating”,
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