UNIST, an optimum condition for research

Assistant Professor in Kwangwoon University

What do you think are the strengths of UNIST Chemistry?
I think that there is a great synergy between passionate professors and students and isolated location of UNIST boosting up the research progress. The most favorite part is central research facility. We can easily access whenever we need analyses and characterizations. There are larger numbers of instruments that the researchers can use by themselves, not through the operators. The self-user system incredibly increases the researcher’s capability and research outcomes. 

What was the most difficult part during your degree and how did you overcome?
Unwanted experimental results have been always disappointing me since I started research as an undergraduate intern. But now I can enjoy even the bad results because these give me lessons for the next directions. I know that anyway these processes will lead to a successful outcome in the end. So, although any challenges themselves may be troubles, they are also my driving force to overcome the troubles.

What do you currently do after graduation?
I started my independent career as an assistant professor in department of chemistry of Kwangwoon university from Sept. 2019. My recent research topic is understanding the electrocatalytic processes involved in energy conversion devices such as fuel cell and electrolyzer and electrosynthesis to promote activity and selectivity.

What is the most rewarding and happiest moment in your career?
It is whenever there is, no matter how small, a research progress from efforts of the students in our laboratory. I am always very pleased when I can feel the growing moments of the students. The happiest thing that I recently had is the publication of the first research paper with the results from our laboratory. 

Do you have any long-term goal or dream?
Excellent researcher and educators. I have recently realized that these goals are extremely challenging to be achieved, so I am struggling for those. I will my best to bring honor to my alma mater. 

As a UNIST graduate, what advice would you give to students?
Having dreams and goals is of course important. However, I think that one does not have to feel anxiety because one does not have those. Students may be nervous when they see their friends’ or colleagues’ progress. Please do not compare with others and remind that people have their own way of life. Just focus what you can do and what you are doing right now. I believe that you eventually see yourself loving what you are doing, and hard work will someday suggest the next path of your life.

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