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Chemistry is often called The Central Science. Why is this? Chemistry closely touches many disciplines because we make the chemicals and materials used by others, and this is why chemists are central to all areas of science and engineering. Everything in our world is made up of matter, and Chemists study matter at very small distances such as atoms and molecules. Chemistry is also indispensable to our daily life. From cooking in the morning to drinking coffee, riding a bus, reading, working out, and going to bed, chemistry and chemical processes are always underway. We use Chemistry to make new medicines, to store and retrieve energy sources such as hydrogen, to better understand the fundamental nature of the life, to create flexible semiconductor materials, and for many other reasons.

The UNIST Chemistry is advancing Chemistry so that the field is even more wonderful and beautiful. Passionate students and faculty are tackling new challenges every day, from understanding life and improving health through Chemical Biology to creating new substances through Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, innovating entirely new materials by Materials Chemistry and for achieving deep understanding of chemical pathways, kinetics, and thermodynamics, through Physical Chemistry. Classroom lectures are in English and this helps UNISTars to play bigger roles on the international stage. UNIST Chemistry closely interacts centers such as the IBS Centers and has close interactions with all the departments and schools at UNIST. Young and talented chemists in and from the UNIST Chemistry Department are changing the world for the better.