Chemistry is the central science that seeks the understanding of nature and interactions between atoms and molecules. In addition to this essential scientific question, modern development such as nanoscience offers new chances to explore the world of beyond atoms and molecules. The department offers lectures and experimental courses in all fields of chemistry: inorganic, organic, physical, theoretical, and analytical chemistry, chemical biology and materials chemistry. The department stresses a research experience as an essential educational tool. Research opportunities with our world-class researchers are provided to all undergraduate students in the state-of-the art facilities and environment.

For chemistry major, students must take 54 university credits or more in chemistry. 54+ credits consist of 30 essential chemistry credits and 24 or more selective courses provided by chemistry. Students should fulfill research internship program and submit thesis (CHM400 Thesis) as requirements for graduation. Chemistry also provides 400 and 500 level courses for senior students. Students can take these advanced level courses as their university credits as well as graduate credits in advance of entering graduate school (6 credits maximum). 300 level experimental courses offer advanced level lab experience in the fields of students’ choice.

Students in other majors can choose chemistry as their second major. When chemistry is their double major, students must fulfill prerequisites (basic required courses) stated on the curriculum. Students whose major is Business Administration can choose chemistry as their double major or minor if they take General Chemistry 1 and General Chemistry Lab 1 courses to meet the basic requirements. The above does not apply to the students who choose to follow the old curriculum; contact Academic Affair office for further information.

Information about UNIST admissions can be obtained from Admissions office at UNIST. Enrollment in a primary major program in chemistry is based on students’ decision. Currently, the Department of Chemistry has no student limit on enrollment. Chemistry does not require any condition for students’ choice of second major. Chemistry endows Bachelor of Science degree for primary major students.