Why UNIST Chemistry?

Why Chemistry? is a flagship course, specifically design for undergraduate students, who want to know more about the future of chemistry, illustrating the impact of chemistry on the world around us. This course clearly shows that the role of chemists is expanding really fast.

We, chemists, are not limited to solve science/technology problems in the laboratory, but to address important social problems, armed with chemistry knowledge. The chemistry professors at UNIST proudly shows how chemistry, seemingly innocent to these daunting challenges, is a key player in conquering deadly diseases, addressing global warming, and creating new directions in future technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and quantum computing, to name the few. The current technology trend demand high performance materials/drugs/devices, which can control precisely the types, positions, and motions of molecules, and even atoms. These areas are indeed chemists’ playground!

We, the chemistry professors ay UNIST welcome every undergraduate who wants to explore chemistry as his or her major.