Solid research infrastructure and excellent professors

Assistant Professor in Kyunghee University

What do you think are the strengths of UNIST Chemistry?
The department of chemistry is with active interdisciplinary convergence based on chemistry. There are many eminent professors, and it is a great advantage to experience various research fields, from organic synthesis to energy application.

What was the most difficult part during your degree and how did you overcome?
In 2009, UNIST had just established when I joined the graduate school. There were only three buildings: the main building, 102-dong, and the library. There was nothing in the lab, so I started from scratch. I think all my classmates must have experienced the same at that time. There was nothing, but with the energy of the young professors and the school’s full support, I was able to do research and finish my degree. Research has never been easy. Solving one brings up another problem…As UNIST had settled, a lot of research equipment came into UCRF, I found it fun to learn them.

What do you currently do after graduation?
I am doing research about the generation of energy source and teaching at Kyunghee University in the Department of Chemistry.

What is the most rewarding and happiest moment in your career?
I am happiest when thinking about and solving unresolved experiments with students and when I share the knowledge I learned with students. This motivates students and makes me happy when I get good feedback.

Do you have any long-term goal or dream?
I want to become a person who inspires many students to ask themselves questions, encourages curiosity, and motivates them in difficult times. I will try to empower students and grow together.

As a UNIST graduate, what advice would you give to students?
UNIST provides many opportunities. I hope you learn a lot from UNIST, with a solid research infrastructure and excellent professors. UNIST can be a stepping stone that will become a foundation for students to realize their dreams, so I hope you will try many things and develop the strength to stand up again after many failures when you are a student.

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