What I want to do, What I can do in the future

Senior Researcher in Hyundai Motor

What do you think are the strengths of UNIST Chemistry?
I think there are lots of strengths of UNIST Chemistry such as 1) respectable professors 2) amazing infrastructure (buildings and many instruments). First of all, the best part is respectable professors in department of chemistry, UNIST. All professors in Chemistry of UNIST as well as my supervisor, Prof. Ja-Hyoung Ryu are very nice and passionate compared to other schools. Also, we have fascinating facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. Besides, we can be an expert of equipment (machines) which is difficult to handle through hard training in UNIST while only operators or very limited number of people can handle it in other schools. However, in UNIST, anyone who wants can get opportunities to learn.

What was the most difficult part during your degree and how did you overcome?
During combined MS-Ph.D degree course from 2015 to 2021, the most difficult part is to consider What I want to do and What I can do in the future. I thought a lot about worries about futures (getting a job vs postdoctoral researcher in abroad). I studied and did research in universities of USA in advance and asked opinions to my seniors. At the right moment to decide, I wrote down the strengths and weakness of each choice. So, I got the answer of my future as getting a job in Korea. Nothing happens if you do nothing. It is very helpful to ask their opinions to seniors, professors, and parents as well. You can ask me also? I can help you.

What do you currently do after graduation?
I currently work at IATD (Institute of Advanced Technology Development) of Hyundai motor as senior researcher after graduating from Prof. Ja-Hyoung Ryu’s laboratory in UNIST Chemistry.

What is the most rewarding and happiest moment in your career?
To say as very new employee, the happiest moment in my career is “being selected what I suggest ideas which come from skills and knowledge regarding chemistry”. And to be honest, the most beautiful moment in every month is payday?

Do you have any long-term goal or dream?
It may sound cliché, but my long-term goal is to live healthy and happy life. In addition, I want to make one line by summarizing my values and beliefs in the end. At work, current goal is to know best about the field I am working on, further, my future goal is to develop future technology that can be applied to automobiles.

As a UNIST graduate, what advice would you give to students?
I acquired a Ph.D in Chemistry in 2021 after entering UNIST as a fresh man in 2011. For 10 years in UNIST, I think I’ve learned a lot and grown up by support such as many scholarships and strengths of UNIST. UNIST has lots of programs to support and help for students. The door will open to those who seek and knock. I’m sure that you can find many programs actively and aggressively. The real effort never betrays me?. Also, learning every subject in English, respectable professor, amazing facilities, and precious friends are the best parts of UNIST. I could entirely feel the given benefits of UNIST after getting a job. Move ahead with pride and confidence as UNISTARS (UNIST people). I believe in you!

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